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Blogging Mistakes To Avoid


Did you know that thousands of people have fired their bosses, bought their dream cars, built their dream houses, travel the world all over with just the money made from blogging right and avoiding all the blogging mistakes that there are?

Did you also know that thousands of people have lost huge money, have continued to plunder in penury, got frustrated, and concluded that blogging is a total waste of time because they have constantly committed too many blogging mistakes?.

Sad, Right?

For the life of me, I can bet you don’t picture yourself in the second category. No one would. But the sad reality is that some people will eventually find themselves in such state. Funny enough, many bloggers are in the mess of these blogging mistakes without even knowing it.

The difference between the bloggers in these two categories is that the bloggers in the former have discovered the right strategy and avoided all the common blogging mistakes that could crumble their blogs. While the second people are either applying outdated strategies or making a lot of blogging mistakes. This is common especially among beginner bloggers.

So, what must I do?

It’s for this purpose that I have carefully and painstakingly written this post to help beginners and struggling bloggers avoid making the blogging mistakes that will stagnate their blogs and make them not to succeed.

 1. Using Unattractive Headlines.

Knowing that Headlines are just like sign posts to your business will help you avoid this very blogging mistake. Headlines are like baits that capture your potential readers. They give the first impression to your posts and like they say, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

A very badly written headline can ruin your quality content and not judging a book by its cover doesn’t apply here. In this business, your readers will firstly judge your content by its headline. Creating poor headlines is a blogging mistake that most new bloggers make. They think it doesn’t matter and do it carelessly.

These days, even a good headline is not just enough, it has to be unique and highly attractive. Crafting a great headline is an art that needs to be mastered, Fortunately, there are lot of tools online that could help you create catchy headlines. High traffic is what every blogger would love to have and an attractive headline is one of the prominent factor that can give you that.

For example when you see “how to start a blog” and “An ultimate guide to starting a blog”.

I am dead sure that you would most likely click on the later. While the first headline appears good and okay.  The second headline is more attractive and carries more weight. This is because it seems to carry more information than the first. Carelessly writing a poor headline is a blogging mistake that must be avoided at all cost. It has the power of ruining your quality content by pushing away potential visitors.

Here are few points to remember  when carving your headline

  • Don’t give away too much in your headline
  • Don’t over promise what your content can’t offer
  • Don’t make it ridiculously too long or too short

Bottom line…

Avoid creating poor headlines. It’s a blogging mistake. A great headline can bring you more traffic than you can imagine.

 2. Focusing on money


This is one of the most common blogging mistakes that beginner bloggers make.

“Well if I don’t focus on making money, what should I focus on? wasn’t that the reason I started my blog in the first place?. That I blog for a passion is just a facade, I am here to make money and nothing else.”

Hear me out first
Truth is, we all hope that all our effort of blogging pay off FINANCIALLY even if we are blogging for passion. But focusing totally on making the money, doing everything possible even adopting unethical practices to achieve it as soon as you get started is a major blogging mistake . It is one of the commonest blunders committed by desperate and new bloggers.

Granted, Making money from your blog in most cases is the primary reason of starting a blog but it should be treated secondarily. Money is the primary target not the primary focus. It becomes a blogging mistake and a case of misplaced priority when the focus is on money rather than establishing your blog’s reputation and credibility.

These days, the internet is littered with amateur bloggers with a wrong notion that money must be made and made quickly. So when this cash is not forth coming from their unintelligent and unethical practices. Frustration sets in, the blog becomes sick and comes crumbling. A blog that would have otherwise been a money making machine with a little more patience and hard work dies a natural death.

In as much as you expect your blog to be a money spinner for you. You should first of all strive towards building a brand and a reputation, be selfless and determined to proffer solutions to the problems of your teeming readers.  Provide value and they won’t have problems paying you in the long run. This is best way to avoid this blogging mistake and see your blog succeed.

Bottom line…

Focus on building your blog and learning the business deeper and avoid the mistake of placing money first.

3. Being Lazy Because It’s a Work From Home

So you heard blogging is a sure way of making passive income, becoming your own boss, working in your own time and  and you equate all of that to being lazy and flippant. This is a common blogging mistake especially among beginner bloggers who are not properly guided.

Well, let me tell you the crux of the matter if you didn’t know. Running a successful blog or any other online business is not as easy as most people have made you believe.
Maybe you should just give up now , Not at all

Laziness shouldn’t be found in the dictionary of a blogger. it’s a serious blogging mistake and in fact a sin. I feel sad when I see a lot of promising bloggers in a very lucrative niche kill their blogs with sheer laziness. I am not Charles Darwin but I can confidently tell you that blogging business is a survival of the fittest kind of venture.

The competition is keen my dear. With the high number of new blogs launched every day from available stats. One blogging mistakes you mustn’t make is being unserious in the midst of this increasing competition.

Bottom line..

Blogging today, is not for unserious people. To scale through, you must avoid this blogging mistake called laziness

4. Using a Free Platform:

This is another common blogging mistake found mostly among beginner bloggers.
There has never been a time in history where people love freebies like this present time. Worst off, internet users. From free Wi-Fi to free subscription to free e-books and all you can think off.

For this reason, a lot of free things have been created to meet this rising demands but most, not without some hidden costs. I see many new bloggers who make this blogging mistake in a bid to avoid costs. They opt for a free platform.

While this may be fair for fun bloggers (those blogging for leisure and the fun of it with not intent of running it as a stable business). Its a major blogging mistake and an unwise decision for serious bloggers. A self hosted blog is your sure bet. There is no substitute for the best.

Even basic psychology says we tend to take seriously and value more what we paid for than we got for free.

While top bloggers may have started off with a free platform in their early days before switching over. You should bear in mind that what worked in their days may may not work today.  If you follow same approach, it may be your downfall. And if they are sincere  with you, they will tell you they wish they didn’t make that blogging mistake of starting on a free platform.

Here are reasons to avoid free platform :

  • Too many restrictions and limitations that you will find annoying
  • You will be considered highly unserious and inexperienced by your readers
  • Your monetization potential is going to be at the lowest minimum
  • Little or no control over your site
  • No security, need I say more?. How can you possibly secure what you have no control over?

Bottom line…

If you want to be taken seriously and see your hard work pay off maximally. Avoid committing the blunder of setting up your on a free platform

5. Picking a Niche Too Broad or a Multi-Niche

This is a major blogging mistake that most beginners commit either for lack of proper blogging knowledge or greed.

A broad niche is one with different topics that are most related to each other. For example,health, finance or sports etc. while a multi-niche is one with different topics that are particularly not related such as writing about entertainment, news, sports, finance, agriculture etc on just one blog.

Such niches are not suitable for beginners. This is because many huge blogs are already dominating. Outranking them may be a near impossibility and succeeding if you will, will certainly take years. So it becomes a major blogging mistake starting off on such niches.

For example instead of blogging about Health generally where top blogs like healthline and webMD are already dominating. It’s wiser to pick an area of health like Women’s health or even narrow down to women acnes. This will produce a better result within a short period of time.

Over confidence is another reason that makes some new bloggers commit this blogging mistake.The consequence is that many give up after some months or even years of constantly creating great contents, and adopting all the wonderful SEO practices that there are with no good results to show for it. I bet you don’t want to be like one of those.

You may be tempted to think that with a broader niche comes a higher traffic. While this is true, I am afraid your blog won’t get the least percentage of these traffic. This is simply because you  lack the domain authority to compete with bigger blogs.

Other than this, it’s going to be a lot of work to stay relevant. So you want to avoid this mistake. Blogging on a narrower niche is in itself a hard work, how much more running a niche too broad .

Bottom line…

I highly recommend narrowing down your niche so as to build your domain authority faster, build credibility and  audience that keep coming back. Start small, grow and expend if need be.

6. Lack of Adequate Promotion

Little or no promotion at all is a damaging blogging mistake that you want to make sure you don’t commit. Otherwise your blog’s failure will embarrass you.

Yes I know. You have heard it times unnumbered and even lost counts, “Content is king”, “Keyword research is the surebet” . This is very true and I preach it too.

So for this reason , you proceed to create a high quality content with wonderful keywords, hit the publish button, cross your fingers and wait for hundreds and thousands of people to see the post and start flooding your blog. Oh my dear, it’s not that easy.

I am sure you have also heard many times that money is in the list, the higher the traffic the higher your chances of making  money. Well, this is where promotion comes in. Admitted, there is no substitute for quality content ,  but it’s just a segment of a complete orange called a successful blog.

Make no mistake of thinking that your great content alone will save you or give you the result you want. Without promotion, it’s going to be tough succeeding. All businesses require quality promotion and blogging is not an exception.

As a matter of fact, many bloggers and digital marketers propose that you spend 20% of your time creating your content and the other 80% promoting it. This tells you how important promotion is. So know it that you’re committing a dangerous blogging mistake if your spend only 10-20% of your time and effort promoting.

This is why I personally recommend that when writing your blog post,  write with all seriousness as if the success of your blog depends only on the contents and when promoting, promote as if the success of it depends only on the promotion.

Building email list, using social media such as facebook and Pinterest, repurposing your contents and using paid adverts ( if you have got some money to invest) are different proven ways you can effectively promote your blog post to drive traffic to your site.

Bottom line …

Content is King, but money is in the traffic. Promotion brings traffic. A king without  subjects to lead is a useless king. Make no mistake of ignoring or taking lightly the promotion of your blog posts. Creating quality contents without giving quality promotion is a huge blogging mistake.

7. Plagiarism

This is one of the ugliest blogging mistakes. Simply put, taking or copying another person’s ideas or creative work and claiming ownership of it without due permission.

These days, we have a lot of self acclaimed bloggers and information marketers littered all over the internet space who are nothing but a bunch of shameless plagiarist.

Plagiarism is a bad practice frowned by all and sundry. As new blogger, this is one of the most embarrassing blogging blunders you must avoid like a plague.  Google with deal with you. In an organised clime, the government will deal with you too.

Some have gone to the extreme of packaging someone else’s content into an e-book and sell it to innocent readers, this is the height of it and It has caused the downfall of many bloggers.

Top blogs in your niche are only there for you to get inspiration from, get ideas and come back to carve your own content with fresh and unique approach. Not for you to steal their contents.

I could liken good bloggers to good Shepherds and your loyal audience , your sheep. Like all good Shepherds, their sheep know their voice and they know the needs of their sheep.

Let your readers know you by your voice and your style. When they begin to hear other bloggers voices through you,  you begin to lose credibility.

There are a million and one bloggers out there. Each with his own voice. every other voices is taken except yours. Why do you abandon it and try to sound like others?.

Plagiarism is a shortcut ,a very bad practice and like all shortcuts, the goal is usually not achieved or short-lived.

Bottom line.

Be original from the starting point, carve your voice, let others inspire you not make you loose your own voice and style.




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