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Hard Truth About Blogging That No One Ever Told You


What if I told you that there are some hard truth about blogging that you hardly see bloggers talking about. Would you believe me?.

Well, I don’t really care if you believe it or not. I learnt these truth in a tough way because no one told me about it.

So for conscience sake, I am going to spill them to you free of charge.

By now, you should know that more often than not, truth isn’t that sexy. It’s always ugly, tough and painful but it always saves and sets on free.

It’s on that note that I have decided to tell you briefly about 7 hard truth about blogging that you probably didn’t know because no one has told you about them

Or because you were fed with half truth and like all half truth, they are always dangerous.

This may not be exactly the kind of post you may want to read as it leaves you a little disappointed but it is pertinent you know these things to enable you sail smoothly in this noble course that you have chosen if you eventually decides to proceed regardless.

Below are 7 hard truth about blogging that you should have at the back of your mind


I had in one of my earlier post talked about how your niche can make or Mar your blogging journey and I like to reemphasize that point here. Most times, it is very unwise to allow yourself get blinded by this popular saying of making your passion your profession.

If you are taking your blogging as a business, then you have got to recheck if that quote has really mislead you by way of landing you on a wrong niche for you that will frustrate the hell out of your life.

For example, you are passionate about teaching piano lessons to Nigerians. You go ahead and create a blog around that. How many Nigerians are searching online about Piano lessons?.
What is the probability of that blog growing (assuming your target audience is Nigerians) to the extent of making you good money

Emphasis on GOOD MONEY.Well your guess is as good as mine

So this is one hard truth about blogging that most people in the game won’t tell you

What you have passion for may most likely not boom well as an online business because there may be little or no market availability for that sweet passion of yours

What you rather do is analyse the market, decide on a good available niche based on your analysis and then develop a passion for it.

This is you now turning your profession to your passion. It is what you should do

But if you are too stuck into your passion and you ever care to make money with it online. be sure your target audience are willing to pay for the service that your passion provides before turning it into a business.

One little secret of mine, writing poetry is my passion and my first love but I soon discovered the hard truth that blogging about poetry may take too long a time for me to start making money.

Then I began to learn and research on other niches where making money out of my efforts will be easier


So you probably started your blog because of the almost unbelievable income reports you see from bloggers every now and then. How they make 6-7 figures on monthly basis.

So as you search more, you get loads of advice telling you that content is King, so to make it in this business, you have to create high quality contents.

Then you go ahead to promote and drive traffic to your blog, you then apply for some ad networks like Google Adsense and the likes, so on and so forth.

All of these make total sense right?

But the hard truth about blogging you never get to read or hear is that most top bloggers who are making thousands of dollars from there blogs do that by selling something, a product or service or both and not from ad networks.

So for you to really start making that kind of mouthwatering amount of money, You need to make sales. It could either be E-books or online courses or even affiliate offers.

But it’s also true that making sales is not as easy as it sounds. You have got to be a great salesperson by mastering your marketing skill

That means that you are able to convince and win people over effortlessly on consistent basis, yet not appearing too pushy about it. It is a very crucial and highly demanded skill that every blogger or internet marketer should have in his plate. It doesn’t matter the niche of your blog

If you hate sales people or always shy away from selling. It is time to change all that if success is what you want


Quality content is the acclaimed king. It is what will help your blog rank well in search engines as well as increase your domain authority.

This is something you may have heard or had read before starting your blog

So every blogger is expected to keep on creating high quality contents on consistent basis, but this requires creativity and quality research. When you first started, it’s all good and rosy as the inspiration is it’s fullness.

But nobody one ever told you the hard truth about blogging that a time is coming when you will run short of ideas and inspiration.

Time when you will be unable to dish out fresh quality contents consistently as you used to. This is because even the most creative person sometimes lacks inspiration and faces brain lag. This is a point when most newbies who thought blogging was all rosy get tempted to give up.

Every blogger has faced this before and it’s no strange thing. Rather than giving up, you take out time and repurpose your old contents and while you at it. Fresh ideas are most likely to come knocking in the door of your muse


It is no longer a secret that making money from your blog is greatly tied to your blog traffic.You may or may not have heard this before.

“The money is in the list”

Your email list is directly proportional to your traffic, so invariably the higher the numbers of your list, the higher your traffic.

As a new blogger, you may have begin to realise that growing traffic has turned into a very big mountain staring at you blatantly in the face.

They said high quality contents is the real thing and with it, you will rank well and gain more traffic. In your diligence and commitment, you have consistently dished out great contents that are even SEO optimized.

Yet, there is no meaningful traffic coming. Fact is, there maybe nothing wrong with your blog or your contents at all. The only thing is that growing traffic is hard and takes time

It is one of the hard truth about blogging that no one tells you. So don’t get discouraged when you first get started and the traffic isn’t as you had imagined. What you should rather do is go into aggressive promotion of your blog.

Following the 80-20 rule can have a huge and great impact in your blog traffic. That is spending 20% time and effort in producing your quality content and the other 80% in promoting the contents.

This has proven to be very effective way of seeing a significant increase in your traffic but the hard truth about blogging still remains that it takes time to grow a steady traffic especially organic traffic


If you are asked why you love blogging or any other online job, you would most probably state the following

It is a work from and so it doesn’t consume time
There is no deadline to meet
You make money while you sleep. LOL
You have freedom of movement


Who ever lied to you?

All these you would say because you have been probably lied to all the whole time. But you will be doing yourself and your blogging business more good if you swallow this hard truth about blogging being a consumer of time.

Blogging kills more time than your precious mind can ever conjure. It becomes even more time consuming for a beginner who still have many miles to go. That is of course if you are a serious blogger

From content creation to promotional tussles and all the nitty-gritty in between, You will see how the demands of blogging doesn’t differ much from your normal daily jobs (The profit is much more higher though) especially when starting

If you are planning to start up a blog, or you have just started up one. Let it be known to you that you have signed up for a serious commitment and one of greatest things you will invest is your time


I believe this particular one should have stuck to you brain by now but it’s good I point it out too for the benefit of people who may not know.

You may have been pushed or inspired to set up your own blog as a result of the some incredible income reports of some bloggers you got in contact with.

Some showing how they make up-to 7 figures every month and you are all gingered to get started and begin sharing your own reports

It is a good reaction if you ask me

But let me tell you the hard truth about this that you probably didn’t know. It took them quite some time (years) to come to that level.

What does this mean?

You can also achieve that feat but bear in mind that it isn’t going to be overnight. You need to imbibe patience, invest time and money, work hard and work smart. Only then will you be smiling to the bank like them

Notice that I haven’t said that you can start making money even within few months of your blogging. You can make a little and as time progresses, you make even more but the salient point here is. It doesn’t come immediately.

But when it begins to come, you will be glad you chose that blogging path.


This seems to be one the hardest truth of all. I personally do not like the sound of this one but it is the hard truth about blogging and every other human venture

Yes, there is no guarantee of anything in life (personal opinion). So it’s not just about blogging.

Many have started with a stronger enthusiasm than you but have given up.

Some have even gone beyond your present stage in blogging and still abandon it because their expectations weren’t met.

This goes to tell you that you have no assurance of succeeding. It is life, nothing to do with you personally

But should you not try?

You would be a coward not to. I am sorry but that the truth

Your life’s biggest fortune may be in your blog, so you got to try and try very well as a matter of fact.


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