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Lies You Have Been Told About Making Money Online


making money online

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Making money online has been the most searched terms in the last couple of years and has even turned to a very big niche in the internet market.

A lot of people write about how much easy it is to really make it online and many others go ahead creating products ranging from E-books to Softwares to Videos to. Apps that can help one make money online.

The truth of the matter is that people actually make lots of cash online even way more than you have seen or heard legitimately . Many others who are still struggling to make their first dollar yet pose as though they have made tons of money.

But then, There has been a lot of shitty misconceptions, myths and lies about making money online that a lot of people have deliberately and unintentionally sold out. Sad enough is that a whole lot of people have bought into this lies and are swimming it it with reckless abandon

I have seen, heard and even fallen victim of some of this lies about making some cash online until the truth finally hit me.

I therefore want to use this guide to bring to your attention few of this lies and shirty misconceptions about making money online that you have probably bought into




One of the biggest lies of making money online is that people make it seem as easy as ABC where in the real case, it’s really a hard nut to crack.

Most people make you believe that it is the fastest and easiest way of making money as way of enticing you to take a particular action either to get your email address or cause you to buy a product they are promoting.

Anyone who tells you that making money online is easy and fast has lied to you big time. Making money online requires a whole lot of investment(time and money), trial and error, consistency, dedication and patience.

Again, just like most physical businesses where you have to learn the trade. Online hustle requires some form of training to be able to scale through. This is the pure truth. Making money online is not as easy as it seems

However, after building the foundation, it can be the best thing that will ever happen to you. The advantages of easy scalablity, running multiple streams of income at same time, Making all the millions in the comfort of your home is second to none etc.

Making money online is difficult but it’s worth it


This seems to be the most common and popular lie, misconception and myth about making money online and one to out-rightly avoid like a plague. This huge misconception stems from the way the so called gurus paint the idea of making money online.

When you hear things like you sleep while you make money, you sign up for an affiliate network free and start promoting their products for money etc.

You get all excited and your blood pumping with reckless abandon. “Yea, I will start making some dollars today” Only for your heart to be broken one month letter without a dime. You know why? Reality is blind and things are not always what they seem. If it were that quick. No one would be poor

May I now tell you that this lie is one of the greatest foundation and romance that gave birth to internet scam and fraud

Yes, the desperation of people to hit it overnight led to another set of people to develop a way to make them believe that they can in fact achieve their dream, hence the increase rise of online fraud

A real online business is not same as a ponzi scheme, If you really want to create a legitmate online hustle that keeps making you money such blogging, affiliate marketing, mini importation etc. You have to give it time, it won’t make you money over night.

It will however not going going to take you too much time to start seeing result if you are smart and have all the right tools and information required in the business. But this won’t happen in a blink of an eye.

Whoever tells you making cash online is a get rich quick scheme is a scanner and probably makes his own money lying to people online

Watch out


This is another sweet lie out there paraded by some so called information marketers with sole purpose of getting something from the impressionable guys out there.

Most of them have cleverly make this clear in their headlines and adverts as a bait to get more visitors who would either click on their ads, sign up to their email list or buy a product from them

It goes without saying that the funniest thing for anyone to say is that you can make money without doing anything or putting in any form of investment.

We see people tell this lie every now and then in the internet and funnily, when you go deep to consume the content. You would see same people telling you you only need to do this and that to get this and that. I thought they said you didn’t have to do anything

Most times again, people who say this wants you to be calm and relax while letting you know that with a minimal work and investment, you can really make money online. This is true but sometimes blown out of proportion.

In addition, the high competition in the internet space today makes it practically impossible to make money online without doing anything.

Discard the lie. You have to know something to survive so if you don’t know anything, you can start learning with the many resources littered all over the internet. Even making passive income requires you to know a thing or two


Another flavoured lie most people tell you that gets you all gingered and excited. We all love free things. Free WI-Fi, free launch, free gift etc. It is the human nature to get attracted to anything that has FREE attached to it

This explains why smart and clever internet marketers and gurus use the word to make you believe you can actually make money online without spending a dime.

You see things like Free training on how to start information marketing, Free guide on how to build your email list to make money, Websites to create Free Apps etc. The list goes on and on

The truth of this matter is you can never make money online free of charge at least not a reasonable amount. What is rather the reality out there is that there is a low entry capital to starting an online business.

What this means is that with a very little capital, you can get started which is highly improbable for most physical business. This explains the so much competition you find in the online space.

So anyone who spills to you that you don’t have to spend anything at all to make money online is lying to you or probably trying to say, You can start an online hustle without really spending much which may be perceived as a good intention

However, when you venture into an online business, you will get to a point when you are bound to spend really big to hit it really big.

Making money online, you have to invest a capital no matter how little. Need I also remind you that time investment is also a must.

Discard the favoured lie


Another big fat lie. Though the online platform to make money is available and open to all people but not everybody can make money online. I will quickly explain

Some people are not just cut out for anything that isn’t physical. They will do anything to make money physically but will never invest a dime in the online world. They do not believe one can make dime online. They see every online stuff as one big scam

Sharing online money making opportunities or strategies to this set of people will be a complete waste of time cause they will never convert. Hence the set of people can never make money online.

Not everybody can start a blog and build it to a level of making money from it. Another set of people will tell you that promoting a product or a platform for people to buy is a no no for them. Hence affiliate marketing is a no go area for them

Other set of of people have one reason or the other for not starting an online business forgetting people like Jon morrow with all his ugly life experiences make $100+ monthly online.

So you see, not everybody can make money online. Saying anyone can, is a myth and if you believe that you can and you have not all that is required of you. You will not make a dime online

Discard the myth







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