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Living a Balanced Life While in School


Being a full-time student doesn’t mean a complete, total focus on just academics. Students also need a well-rounded lifestyle; it’s good for mental health. Many students struggle with balancing their academics with their social and spiritual life. For most, they’ve completely resigned to just focusing on their education which, in my opinion, isn’t really healthy. We call these kinds of students the “triangle” students because their everyday routine is usually the same: Class, fellowship and hostel. This kind of lifestyle is not really healthy. Life is not meant to be that serious. So a couple of tips on how to live a balanced life as a full-time student in a Nigerian university:

1. Put your mental health first:

The main focus should be YOU first. Love yourself enough to acknowledge the fact that you are more important than any other thing – grade, learning, etc. If you’re not sound, you will not be fit enough to undertake any of those tasks or plans you are dying to accomplish. If you drop dead today, the world will not stop. All those plans of yours will die as well. You need you to accomplish them more than you need anybody or anything else.

2. Manage your time judiciously:

I once had a roommate who had a timetable dictating how she spent her day. The timetable was taped onto the wall above her bed. She’d consult it ahead of each day; it helped her plan her week way before it even starts. It might sound silly but time management is a skill everybody should possess. It doesn’t have to be a timetable. Find what works for you but try as much as possible to learn how to manage your time.

3. Do what makes you happy:

Engage in those little things that excite you. Reading academic books all the time isn’t the ideal way to cope. Sometimes, read other types of books: Fiction, non-fiction, biographies, business books, etc.

4. Live a healthy life:

There are three pillars of living a healthy life: Sleep, good food, and exercise. Try to get enough of all of them. Every night must not be for night class. Try to get enough sleep most nights. Eat healthily and exercise regularly.

5. Unwind:

“I cannot come and kill yourself” is a popular Nigerian mantra. It sounds hilarious. Some have even attached lazy connotations to it but its true meaning lies in the fact that it reminds us to unwind and relax. It’s okay to be tired. It’s okay to not want to study. It’s okay to not be “serious” occasionally. Unwind. Let your brain relax. Sleep in. Go to the movies. Take walks. Go on dates. Do whatever that gets you relaxed.

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