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The Advantages Of Being Single


Why should your life, I mean anyone’s life be at a cyclic standstill for not being in a relationship? Well that is the reason why I wrote some of the advantages of being single 😎

Do you know you can live your best life being single, can you imagine the sweet pulpy juice joyously splashing out freely from an orange, to grace your taste buds without much of a fight. (Except the Kernel or rice inspired ones that are pressured to grow fast).
That’s how free you should experience each day that comes by.

If you can remember, some months back (well, it’s a bit long ) a certain lady in a tertiary institution pulled through with an illegal Suicide due to the break up from a relationship .

I will not try to politicize the issue but i think it’s crazy insane, she was beautiful enough that if relationship was her lifelong dreams she could get that in a flash, faster than Jumia or Konga’s black Friday’s flash sale deals.
I will end that there.

Back to the subject, lately we’ve re-conditioned our brains and life around getting into a sexual, intimate relationship and also craving for the public to admire us to the extent that we’ve lost the essence and beauty of life.

I’m not here to preach self love neither am I here to tell you that going into or being in a relationship (in these case intimate, opposite genders or sexually inclined relationships) is not beautiful with the blazing fire of being loved, but putting yourself under pressure for not being in one is the best outrageous thing you can ever do to yourself.

And for the person that will take it as his or her final year project to be explaining how I’m pathetic or a nerdy Hediot after reading this write-up should know that I am quite sure that the moment he or she knows that those criticisms are just words that can’t reduce the price of Data, Garri and rice, plus it will neither hurt more than the pain of NEPA not pampering me with steady access to light or power, he or she will definitely stop such attempts.

As Valentine’s day is fast approaching you never Hammer enough to buy that girl Benz? (she need am o, if you no need am).

I just checked Google and it seems one of the top searches on relationship in 2018-2019 are “How to remain single and live a happy life” guys do you know that i can Hammer in these new industry.

Do you know that being Single in these 21st century has it’s own cool perks?
Here are a few:

1. You have the freedom to admire an opposite sex without any strings attached or… have a friends with benefits relationship contract.

2. You can place a naughty comment or chat freely in anyones Private Chat just for fun without fear of being caught (Ha! you can even do that while in a relationship and still enjoy peace of mind).

3. You can easily wakeup in the morning without someone running down your phone’s battery with calls just to ask why you didn’t reply the text message and chats.

4. You can hug any opposite sex as long and free as possible (this one is very rare).

5. You can concentrate on your Career / Dreams.

6. You can test the waters of other fields of expertise (you know what I mean).

7. You can have as many crushes as possible.

8. You can stop worrying if your partner is in a double relationship or seeing other guys or ladies.

9. Freedom to flirt with any guy or lady.
10. You can Successfully invest in any profitable business (maga must pay).
And a lot more reasons so numerous to mention, you can add yours to complete.

You’ve got to love yourself first before you can be able to love someone else.

Either way, getting into any intimate or emotional relationship shouldn’t give you much of a problem.
I don’t have red pills to give, the tablets has finished, and there is a virus that has cor*nad around the world. Safe practices come to mind.

But to be honest being in any relationship is violent in its bliss and glory as much as it is dangerously crazy in its traumas but you shouldn’t kee yaself cause relationship comes and goes.

Meanwhile, never fail to enjoy the awesomeness of being Single.
Being single comes with a lot of freedom so you’ve gotta soak yourself in the beauty and uniqueness of it, You Deserve It!
One day you may wish to come back to these stage of life but it may not be possible.


So once again cherish it, but don’t stop searching for the forest of love.



Disclaimer: Teevibe is not liable for any negative side effects that may come as a result of this post. Lastly the writer is just expressing his or her own opinion so it shouldn’t necessarily displace your thoughts about the subject matter thank you!

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