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Tips On Getting the Perfect Off-Campus Accommodation



School hostels have their perks which is the reason most students would kill to get a hostel room. These perks include free light, low rent, free water, etc. Now, most people may not want the school rooms because of such disadvantages as overcrowding, rules (some people want to be free to do whatever they want without being held back by rules such as 9 pm curfew), etc. If you are one of such people, you probably want a room off-campus. By off-campus, I mean not-hostel-room because you can still get a room inside the school at lecturers’ BQs, depending on the school anyway.


If you are looking for accommodation off-campus, there are several important issues you should consider. These pointers will help you find the perfect accommodation and they rely heavily on your personality, things you consider important needs, etc.

1. Your Budget:

Budgeting will help you narrow your choices down so as to lessen the stress of running around. You should know how much you have to spend on accommodation. Say, you have just 150k to spend per annum, that’ll help you start looking for accommodation within that money bracket. That way, you don’t have to waste your time snooping around houses set at 250k and above.

2. Environment:

Deciding the kind of environment/or area you want to live in depends on your personality. For instance, extroverts abhor Quiet areas while introverts hate Loud areas. Extroverts find quiet places boring and not good for their person and vice versa. Therefore, it is imperative you ask around, get enough information about the best places suitable for your personality because trust me, where you live will affect/influence you, positively or negatively depending on the choice you make. Ask your agent for rooms specifically in the areas that match your personality and concentrate on those areas unless you have no other choice but to start looking at other places.

3. Availability of Important Needs:

To a student, very few things are as important as light and water. You need light as much as you need water so if you’re going to find the perfect accommodation, it is important you find out the availability of these two important essentials. It’s non-negotiable.

4. Proximity to School:

This is another vital point to look out for when looking for accommodation outside school. You’ll have early morning classes, especially in your first year. Occasionally, you might run late to class. You need to find someplace that is close enough to school – somewhere you don’t have to spend large money on transportation to school. You need someplace you can trek to school easily. You don’t need an obscure and far area. So, be on the lookout for that when checking houses out.

5. Security:

Safety is just as important to any human being as air. You don’t want to be in a place where you can’t even sleep with your two eyes closed. Be sure to ask or observe the security level of any area or house you intend on moving into.

6. Closeness to your friends:

Unless you’re a loner or love being a recluse, you might want to add this point into consideration when checking houses out. Living near your friends has its perks. You can quickly dash in for a nice chat, sleep-over, collect assignments, borrow anything you want from them etc. It’s healthy for your mental health.

7. Availability of shopping stores:

This is very important to students because you can easily run out of noodles or tissue, toothpaste, etc. Choose an area you can easily dash out and purchase those things when you need to.

8. Kind landlord/lady:

Cruel landowners will frustrate your life, especially with their ridiculous rules, fee increment, and extortion. The best way to find out more about a particular house owner is to ask the occupants of the house how (s)he treats them. Having to pack up in the middle of a semester because of the cruelty of a house-owner is one of the most stressful things to ever experience. You can avoid that by crossing this out of your important pointers list when looking for accommodation.

9. State of the house infrastructure:

Old houses – though cheaper –  tend to require lots of repair work before moving in. Unless you can afford to spend any extra cash apart from your house rent, then you should really consider looking at the house’s state. If not, check out newer houses that are within your budget bracket.

10: Listen to your guts:

Sometimes, there’s a little voice inside you whispering to you when you have to make tough decisions, listen to that voice. If a particular house doesn’t sit right with your spirit, don’t pursue it. Keep looking until you find the right one – the one your spirit agrees with.


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